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My name is John and I am interested in exploring the psychology of high sensitivity and complex trauma. My aim is to write a book that helps people to survive emotionally by addressing various general “how to” questions about life that I hope many will find useful.

Please note that I am not a qualified therapist or academic but merely a natural “thinker” who decided to write about his own struggles. The main benefits of my approach are personal experience, radical introspection and empathy but I also try to incorporate what other authors advise and to present it in a form that is clear, concise and useful. I decided to write a book when professional therapists and counsellors started writing to me and asking if they could use my material.

I am no guru but rather someone who understands what it is to live with the effects of trauma and tries to learn as much as possible from my own mistakes. I don’t have much more to say about myself but just for fun I thought I would share some of my favourite things on this page.

Some of my favourite music

I like a lot of indie and alternative artists. Click on any name below to view a YouTube playlist.

I also love funny songs performed by the likes of the Flight of the Conchords, Jon Lajoie and Tenacious D.  Some of these songs are very silly or offensive but hopefully they don’t need to be taken seriously. Then there are lots of movies I have enjoyed over the years…

Action and Sci Fi Movies (my top 33 in alphabetical order)

Comedy movies (my top 33 in alphabetical order)

Documentaries (my top 12 in alphabetical order – I haven’t seen many)

Drama and Historical Movies (my top 33 in alphabetical order)

Family and Children’s movies (my top 33 in alphabetical order)

Foreign language movies (my top 33 in alphabetical order)

Gangster and Thriller movies (my top 33 in alphabetical order)

Quirky or alternative movies  (my top 9 in alphabetical order)

TV Series  (my top 33 in alphabetical order)

Tasty leftovers (in alphabetical order)


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One thought on “About the author

  1. Hi John,

    I am a 39-year-old father of a 5-year-old girl, married for 7 years, working in a high-stress environment. For most part, I raise my daughter on my own while my wife is emotionally and physically absent for most of the day, as a mother and a wife.

    I think I may be going through depression but never had it checked for the fear of getting positively as I do not want to use it like a crutch for everything going wrong in my life.

    In searching for answers to why I behaved in a certain way, I came across your website. It cleared up a lot of questions I had for myself. I have gone through all three articles on your site and I found all of them to be very elegant and enlightening. Of course, your writing had something to do with it – you write in a simple yet elegant manner.

    I want to thank you for changing my life. I now feel better equipped to face the world and deal with the daily battles. Please keep writing for the sake of people like myself.

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